Wednesday, January 30, 2008

fire trucks and trains

(I've decided to start using correct capitalization.) 

This is almost a non-music post. But it is an Austin post, which is almost as good. Actually, it's the left hand on a right handed person. Music may be strong, but Austin wears the wedding ring.

I decided to take the siblings to Zilker Park today. I always love going there, even with the dust hanging around, reminded me of Lubbock, which it did today. It was still warm and seeing that red fire truck I used to play on when I was a kid is always refreshing. Of course the playground is amazing, but I just remember it being a lot more majestic and well, big. Naturally. 
But after a few rounds of slide-slipping with the little bro, and after my brown Etnies had those familiar remnants of playground-pebble spots, I saw another reason to add to the ever-growing list of why I love austin.

This is a Tongue Drum which are wood box drums with ratio tuning; two pitches per drum containing Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood) tone producing surface and 2 mallets per drum.

This is an Amandinda, which is a xylophone with African roots containing Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood) tone bars without resonators
And this is a Tenor Marimba, Pentatonic with Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood) tone bars with PVC resonators.
All three of these, courtesy of,  were gently lined along with the enormous trees, in between the unusually small whale, the miniature sea and the train tracks. And I couldn't resist, so I played them, all. And I loved it. I didn't have the greatest urge to keep playing, drawing attention to the fact that I was the tallest person presently enjoying them, but I loved the fact that they were there.

There were even note letters above the marimbas. 

It was amazing. Now small children can start with the very important basics of music, learning note names and pitches instead of succumbing to the saturated market that is "today's music."

Speaking of, I heard Sean Kingston's new single...maybe. I think it's a new single and it is....well.... a cover (duh). But it's of Led Zeppelin's D'yer Mak'er. That's right, doo-wop is mainstream and its baby darling is Sean Kingston, covering one of the greatest bands ever created, who also happened to be called "heavy metal" by my lovely father. (He was more a fan of The Eagles.)

Reminds me of an argument I got into with the lil' bro, because I wouldn't download Sean Kingston for his Ipod.

I plan on taking him to Zilker at least once a week.

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Bond said...

Thanks for your generous inclusion of our instruments on your blog! We get lots of visitors to our website from your link. I can see why Austin is such a musical town.
Yours for play and music,